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We're Hiring!

Join our outstanding team of motivated, fun-loving organizers.

Organizing Assistant, Northwest Home Coach

Part-time, variable

At the direction of the Lead Organizer, the Organizing Assistant (OA) for Northwest Home Coach provides decluttering, organizing and downsizing services for clients. 


Description of Duties

  • Clearing out obvious garbage, light cleaning

  • Sorting like with like, placing items where they belong

  • Managing donations

  • Packing and unpacking 

  • Keep receipts and notate properly

  • Treating clients with the utmost of grace and kindness


Skills & Requirements

  • Organized in all areas of life

  • A coachable mindset

  • Creative problem solving

  • Looking for work during slow moments

  • Ability to lift 40 pounds

  • Ability to stand/walk/work for long periods of time

  • Discretion and sensitivity in all matters related to our clients

  • Must have own vehicle


Pay starts at $18/hour. Mileage may apply depending on the location of the job. Hours start on arrival at the client home or office.


Northwest Home Coach works with clients as needed. This is a part-time, variable, W-4 position. Generally, our work takes place weekdays between 8-6, but it is not every day and sometimes not every week. This leaves flexibility for team members to pursue other priorities.


Send a cover letter and resume to

For further information, call 253-514-1711 M-F, 9-5.





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