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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Northwest Home Coach?

Hi. I'm Lisa VanDoorne, a home coach based in Gig Harbor, WA. I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska. I received a BA in communications from Pacific Lutheran University and a masters in Organizational Leadership with a certificate in Executive Coaching from the Townsend Institute at Concordia University in Irvine, CA. I love helping people determine their goals and create spaces to help meet those goals. When I'm not home coaching, I love gardening, camping and hiking with my family here in the Pacific Northwest.

What is a home coach?

A home coach comes into your space to help you make design and organizing decisions in order to create more purpose in your home and workplace. Decluttering, organizing and decor don't come easily to everyone. My team and I are here to help.

Why do I need a home coach?

Are you living in a house that doesn't feel like a home? Are you overwhelmed by clutter or chaos? Are you having trouble determining the purpose or usefulness of a space? Do you need assistance in downsizing? Are you feeling confused about what project to tackle next in your home? If any of these ring true, then you need a home coach. 

Who benefits from home coaching?

Anyone who feels overwhelmed by their home. Anyone who doesn't know where to start with their decluttering, downsizing. moving or unpacking project. We love working with individuals, families or businesses, and we have a special place in our heart for seniors who are wondering how in the world they are going to create space as they downsize.

How do I book a consultation and what will take place?

You can start by emailing me at At that time, I will connect with you by phone to ask some questions about your goals and priorities. We will agree on a date and time to meet in the space. Plan about a half hour for this first discovery consult. During our on-site visit, (or remote initial consult) we will determine your priorities and I'll come up with a workable plan and send an estimate for the work. If you agree to the plan and the estimate, we will set up a time for the work to take place. Together we will spend the allotted amount of time working on your space. I will leave you with a checklist of things to accomplish and will provide accountability to help you get those things done. 

Can you do a remote consult?

Yes. I can meet with you via Zoom or FaceTime to do a remote consultation. The first discovery consult will be about 20 minutes and will be free. A further online consult will be billed at $150 for an hour call plus a digital mood board and a source list of items. I will follow up about a week later with another half-hour consult included in the original fee.


Does the Northwest Home Coach Travel?

If a job is large enough, say a full home or several rooms, I will travel to your location. Additionally, if people in your community or neighborhood desire a consult, I can batch jobs and travel to your location for a reduced or shared amount. Travel expenses, per diem and expenses are in addition to home coaching fees.


Is home coaching expensive?

Ultimately, home coaching should save you lots of money.

  • An organized home saves you valuable time.

  • Instead of buying all new things to make your house more homey, I will try to design with what you already have and love.

  • We might be able to make you some money by selling items or figuring out ways to turn rooms into space for your side hustle.

A team of two people for a declutter and organizing session is priced out at $125 an hour, a team of 3 is $150/hour, a team of four is $175/hour plus the cost of product and taxes.

Travel for consult or home coaching, outside of the greater Tacoma area (bounded by the Narrows Bridge and the Purdy Bridge) will incur an additional cost.

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