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Even Small Tasks Make a Difference

It’s been a wild few weeks, hasn’t it? I’m amazed at how so many of us have been able to turn on a dime to change our entire routines. Homeschooling kids? Yep. Kids home from college and studying too? Husband ditching the commute and working from home? The new normal. We are blessed, I know to be able to move forward in relative normalcy. Today we are healthy, Roland’s job is secure, and we have each other. I love being with my family and we are finding new ways to work together and communicate in our closer than normal quarters.

I gave my countertops a good, deep clean over the weekend. I cleared them off, scrubbed them down with hot, soapy water, disinfected the surfaces and then put it all back. It felt good to do this necessary chore.

I’m leaning into new ways of doing my work and finding other ways to do what I love for my clients. When I normally would work in your home, moving furniture and standing back to check out how it all fits, now I’m embracing the remote consult; FaceTiming and asking clients to make their own measurements and then sourcing furniture online. I’ve been able to create lots of content supporting those who want to clean, declutter and organize their home. Now you can find Northwest Home Coach offering encouragement and advice on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and here on the blog.

I really love when clients and friends send me photos of their decluttering and organizing. It makes my work worthwhile to know they are inspired to improve their spaces. Here are a few that might inspire you too!

My creative friend in Sitka, AK spent a good part of a day organizing her craft closet. She knows the value of keeping everything well-sorted if you want your crafting time to be effective. I love those see-through bins.

Another friend embraced using clear containers to sort out her pantry. She put these beautiful OXO containers to really good use. And! She employed my favorite organizing tool, the label maker.

Here’s an example of a 15-minute project. Pull everything out, clean out the drawer (why are there always crumbs?), declutter the extras and then organize everything you want to keep.

This closet took two people about four hours, about a week before the Corona Virus shut everything down. Formerly, the walk-in closet was stuffed to the gills with very little organization. We decluttered items, created better storage, restored like items with like items and banished all the Christmas items to storage under the stairs. Now there’s easy access and a place for everything.

What does your quarantine look like? I’d love to hear how you’re doing, if you are diving in to new decluttering and organizing projects, or diving under the covers to watch Netflix. (No shade thrown here, girlfriend!) If you would like a remote consult to help you work through a problem area of your home, please connect. I’d love to help you out!

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