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Finding Pain Points in Your Home

We are about three months in to this global pandemic. It’s safe to say we have spent more time in our homes than we ever have before. How’s it going for you? Are you feeling comfortable? Managing all the things you now need to manage? Home office? Home schooling? All the meals? All the organization? In mid-March I was feeling pretty happy and smug, loving my home and so pleased to be spending so much time in it. But by mid-June? Someone get me out of this place! All that concentrated time really brings up the pain points, those little things that turn into frustrations. I’ve come up with several pain points, things I’m ready to change. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

The Never-ending Photo Sorting Project. Sigh. Some weeks get busier than others and then the job goes to the back of my brain, never to be heard from again. Even though these tubs of photos are in my line of sight from my desk, the project never seems to rise to the surface.

The Accumulated Donations. With fewer places available to donate, these get stacked up in a random, yet highly visible, corner of the house. If I’m willing to sort though these donations, I can bring the men’s clothing and shoes to the Rescue Mission in Tacoma. Any books can be brought to various little free libraries in my town. Some items I might just post for free on Facebook Marketplace. How nice it will be to get the donations out of the house.

These Handy But Uncomfortable Chairs. I love small chairs that can live in a quiet corner until they’re called in to action for a dinner party or another gathering. We have three of this style, and unfortunately, they are very squeaky and very uncomfortable. I’ve had it in mind to replace them with something appropriate, but nothing has tickled my fancy quite yet. We could always use our beautiful new outdoor chairs in a pinch, so I may as well off-load these guys on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

This Old Wool 8×10 Rug. Okay, this is kind of petty. I already talked about this rug, and I’m no closer to replacing it. The rug I ordered from Lowe’s suddenly went out of stock nationwide. I can’t order it online, and it’s unavailable in all local stores. The existing rug isn’t bad. I love that it’s wool, it’s the right size and it works fine in the room. It’s clean and the colors look like new. It’s actually very pretty, but it’s time for something a bit livelier in this living room. I’ll keep it and try to hold back my petty complaints until I can find a suitable replacement.

The Kitchen. This is more of a division of labor issue. The kitchen is getting more use than ever-all those snacks, drinks and meals, all those dishes. It’s easily the hardest working room in the house. Today, the refrigerator needs cleaning, the pantry needs sorting and somehow dinner needs to be made. It never really ends, but it may be a good day to teach the teenager in the house how to clean the fridge.

So, what about you? Is there something that isn’t working in. your home? Think about ways you can overcome your pain points and let me know how you feel when they’re gone! If you need help overcoming those things that are blocking your road to progress, give me a call. I can work onsite or remotely to help you achieve your dreams, goals and plans.

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