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Getting Organized in 2020

The days and weeks are flying by and Christmas is juuuuuust around the corner. How is it possible we’re almost into 2020? Does the thought of a new year bring excitement or panic into your world? Do you have dreams, goals and plans you’d like to make happen? What’s that going to take? I’m excited to be working on two different ways to help you accomplish your goals in the new year.

First, I’ll be doing a series of 20 posts in January to help kick-start your year in a beautiful way. The 2020 Home Organization Challenge will serve to inspire, encourage and motivate you to slowly pare down, put away and regroup various areas of your home. Whether you follow along every post, or pick and choose your tasks, you’ll start the year off with refreshed spaces designed to help you dream big for 2020. I’ll bring you tips, tricks, design ideas and thoughts about everything from kitchens to closets. Is anyone else dreaming of a new closet this year? I am. Looks like that will make my household project wish list for 2020. (Closet below found in the IKEA showroom.)

Second, I’m offering a free initial consult to anyone interested in booking home coaching sessions. I’ll come to your home and spend a half hour going through the spaces you need designed, decluttered and/or organized. Then I’ll email an estimate for the work you would like done. If you book your consult in January, you’ll receive a gift of a custom picture hanging kit from Northwest Home Coach! These kits were inspired by a recent client who needed several pictures and framed art pieces hung in her home. For that project, we were able to raid her husband’s well-organized stash of nails and hangers, but it made me realize how I needed my own stash of similar hardware in my tool bag. This kit has everything you need to get started hanging a gallery wall or putting up a mirror in your entryway. The only way to get this kit is to contact me for a free consult in January. Give me a call and let’s start the new year strong.

Are you following Northwest Home Coach on Instagram? I have new content there several times a week. You’ll be able to follow the 2020 Home Organization Challenge by using this hashtag: #2020HomeOrgChallenge.

So, my friends, Merry Christmas and happiest of all holidays to you! 2019 was spectacular, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring. I’d love to hear from you!. Drop a comment to let me know what you’d like to hear from your Northwest Home Coach in the new year.

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