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Positive Reviews

Yesterday, I turned in my final assignment for my masters degree. It was a major Capstone Project, a literature review more than 20 pages long in APA format. I literally hovered my finger over the submit key for five minutes before I sent it off. This marks the end of my degree journey, with the exception of walking at graduation in December. Suddenly, I have so much more time, brain space and creative energy to devote to Northwest Home Coach.

Of course, I’ve been doing home coaching all along, just not for a paycheck. A few of these clients have offered their reviews which I have placed on the website, but I’ll also share a couple with you here:

I felt completely overwhelmed with the “how” to make my cherished belongings fit into our new home.  Lisa took the time to come over, see what was important to me, and with such ease, sense of space and good taste, helped me put each room together.  I cannot express to Lisa the peace of mind she gave me, knowing this is our home, and it’s perfect for us.  I felt proud to show family and friends!   -Jennifer M., Gig Harbor, WA
I was overwhelmed with the task of tackling my garage after 27 years. Lisa helped me out by saying “There’s always one thing that is stumping you up.” I knew exactly what she meant when she said that. It was a box of court papers I had saved. After boxing it up and sending it to my son (because he wanted it), I was able to move on and clean out my entire garage and then move onto my house. I will forever be grateful for Lisa’s counsel on that. Nina, Gig Harbor, WA

Tomorrow I’m connecting with another client near Seattle and will continue to make connections throughout the area and beyond. In addition to working with people in their homes, I will be available for remote consults via FaceTime or Zoom and I’ll travel to clients if they are not within driving distance. I’ve been invited to do some home coaching for a friend in Italy and will hopefully make that a reality this summer.

Do you or someone you know need help with decluttering, organizing or design? Feel free to call, text or email me if you have questions or if you want a consultation.

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