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Removing the Roadblocks

Summer is slowly winding down. Mornings are chillier and routines are changing. I’m looking forward to a week of travel to visit family and then three weeks of work in the greater Seattle area. My time will be much less within the walls of my own abode, but I will be so happy to return to my nest after travel and work.

As I prepare for September, and for all the time I’ll be spending away from home, I started thinking about things I could do to make my life and my families life easier. What are the things I can do today that my future self will thank me for?

Clear the Decks: I always love when my kitchen is clean, when the counters are cleared, the vent hood is degreased and my sink is sparkling. I’ll spend some time clearing out science experiments old food from the fridge and I’ll wipe down all the stainless. Before my trip I’ll have a bunch of groceries delivered so my people won’t starve without me.

Cut the Clutter: The last weeks have been madness trying to get our daughter sent back to college, our son ready for junior college, a camping trip as well as the chaos of our` new puppy. I think the puppy is the biggest culprit here. We tend to put things on high flat surfaces which is why right this minute I have a basket of folded laundry, a sweater, two hangers, a dog brush, a stack of mail and one slipper on my dining table right now. Not to mention the Amazon packaging on the living room chair and dog toys strewn everywhere. I’ll start with the garbage, then I’ll recycle the boxes and eventually get everything put back where it belongs.

Start Putting Away Summer Essentials: Well, this Alaska girl does not like to wish away warm weather, but by the time life calms down at the end of September, we’ll be deep into the fall season. Our hottest weather of the season is behind us so I guess our indoor floor fans can be stashed in the attic. This seems like a good time to bring plants in that spent the summer outside.

Speaking of the Outside: It really is time to pull all those plants that quit trying to be beautiful during the heat of mid-August, and replace them with cold-hardy flowering kale, pansies, and dusty miller. Most of these will survive through the chilliest of rainy Northwest winters. It also might be time to start thinking about what veggies could be planted now in time for a Thanksgiving harvest. Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with carrots and kale pulled straight out of the garden beds?

So, this is probably enough to keep me busy for the next few days. What are you doing to ease your way out of summer?

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