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Transitioning Into a New Season

Ah, spring is in the air. Can you feel it? Bright sunlight flooding through the windows, warm breezes, a plethora of pollen (ah-choo!) and a general sense of ease as the days grow longer. It’s sneaky, this shoulder season between winter and summer. Here in the PNW we can reach a high of 70 one day and 50 the next, and don’t even mention those rain showers that spring up out of nowhere. It’s a good idea to keep an extra layer around for contingencies, but it’s perfectly reasonable to ramp up for sunny days ahead. Here are a few thoughts about transitioning from cooler weather to warmer.

I love the faithful return of perennial flowers each spring. This is a great time to dream about your flower containers and veggie gardens.

Start with your wardrobe. I usually spend a couple hours each spring and fall transitioning my wardrobe for the pending climate. I love to pull out sweaters and boots in the fall and summer tops and sandals in the spring. I always find things that I forgot I had, so it’s often a surprise. For that reason, I’ve learned to transition the closet before I do any new shopping for the season. I keep my off-season clothing in one large, clear bin. I put all my seasonal shoes and boots into an open basket. These live on the top shelf of my closet. This way I don’t have to send my kids up to the attic for me if I should happen to need an extra sweater. I use this time to got through my clothes to donate anything that doesn’t fit as well as anything I don’t wear. If something needs repair, I take care of that before it goes back into the clothing rotation. A wardrobe consultant once told me, “Everything in your closet should fit, it should be clean and it should be damage-free.”

Imperfect closet, in progress. This space will get a full makeover later on this year.

Another way to usher in a new season is to look at your furniture and home decor. Is it full of knitted throws, dark pillows and scented candles? Do you still have a dried out Christmas wreath on your front door? Maybe it’s time to lighten things up. Replace throws and pillows with lighter colored linen versions. Pack away the candles and replace that old wreath with something more springy. Cut some branches from your trees or shrubs and place them in a large white pitcher or vase on your dining room table. Buy yourself a bunch of tulips. Wash your windows and, once the pollen is done blowing around, throw those windows open to let in the fresh air. Spring clean your home! You will love the difference it makes in your attitude and outlook.

Finally, bring summer back to your home every time you go to the grocery store. I love that first warm day when I walk out of the store with a stash of popsicles, extra lemons for summer drinks, fresh greens, a dozen ears of white corn, and a rack of ribs to put on the grill. It’s time to slow down the baking which warms up the kitchen and hold back on heavy soups and stews. Time to bring in a big container of homemade hummus and a bowl of chicken salad. I love hot afternoons when I’m completely prepared to treat my family with flavors of the season that will also help them keep their cool.

Cheers to warm weather!

If you’re having trouble transitioning into the new season, if you need a dose of encouragement or help cleaning your closet, let me know! Your Northwest Home Coach is here for all your home decluttering, organizing and design needs. Remote consults start at $150 per room. Save yourself time and money as you prepare for the warm weeks ahead.

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