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What Does a Home Coach Do?

When I was a kid, I’d visit friends and rearrange their bookshelves for them. I would sort through their jewelry boxes and untangle their necklaces from one another. My own room was organized in a way that created zones for different purposes. My mom always gave me the job of wrapping all the Christmas presents for the entire family. As I grew into adulthood, I relished the idea of moving into a new apartment and making it a place I loved coming home to each night. I also loved helping friends move into their home. My favorite task was unpacking and organizing a kitchen. This is who I am. I love bringing order to the world and I love helping people.

After my family moved to our home in Gig Harbor, we made several changes that were upgrades from the 15 year-old, builder-grade basic amenities of the house. Starting with a great foundation of white walls and warm bamboo underfoot, we placed our eclectic furniture and layered in curtains, artwork, books and items collected from our life. We overcame a tiny country kitchen by bringing in a freestanding island, replacing the tile countertops with quartz and painting the cabinets. We worked hard to create a sense of warmth and welcome in every corner. One new friend walked in and within the first minute said, “This is my happy place.” Other friends started asking for assistance with their own homes.

When I first dreamed up the idea of becoming a home coach, I was nearing the end of a Masters in Organizational Leadership from the Townsend Institute at Concordia University in Irvine, CA. I had learned about executive coaching and wondered how to put it to use in my own professional life. I shared the idea of combining home design, decluttering and organization with personal coaching with trusted colleagues and this concept of home coaching was born.

It took some months of deep thought and gathering of courage to make it happen. I decided that my purpose would be to help people design their home interiors to match their own dreams, goals and plans. I learned that not everyone has the know-how to make their home fit their purposes, and that this was a need I could fill.

As Northwest Home Coach, I help people overcome roadblocks in their home. I start by determining their end goal and then everything we do in that space points back to the end goal. Sometimes clients just need help decluttering rooms and storage spaces. Other times, I’m able to assist with either a move-out of an old home or a move-in to a new home. I have been able to move furniture around for the best use of space and I have offered consultation for paint color combinations. I have helped people change the purpose of their rooms and I have helped organize for greater efficiency and productivity. I am thrifty at heart, so if I can work with furnishings and decor you already own, that’s all the better.

The beauty of home coaching is that it can be done remotely or in person. I have had great success working with people to design, declutter and organize via Zoom and FaceTime all over the US. Happily, as my county (and much of Washington state) is in Phase 2, I can also provide all of these services on-site with proper precautions such as face-masks, hand-washing and physical distancing.

If you need home coaching services, whether for decluttering, organizing or design, I can help you out no matter where you live in the world. Together we can uncover the magic you already have in your home.

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