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Why You Need to Create a Homeschool Space This Fall

I live in a community in which the school district has determined that students will not be able to return to campus in the fall. I know this same scenario is playing out all around the world. Alas, it appears we will have our K-12 students home for at least another semester, if not longer. My son, a junior, will be taking online courses from the local community college and despite my many misgivings, my sophomore daughter will be heading back to college halfway across the country. We’re all looking back at the end of the last school year, our need to scramble to not only bring our own 9-5 work home, but also to be the guiding force for the education of our children.

Fortunately, we have foresight, time and creativity on our side to prepare them as well as we can for the semester ahead. We have so much more to help us get everything ready than we did in the spring. First, a better understanding of what our student’s education will look like (as well as teachers who are more prepared for online learning). We have time to plan for a dedicated space to study and get work done. And we have the creativity to turn forgotten corners, rooms and spaces in your home into prime study spots.

What are some good reasons for creating these spaces in the next couple of weeks?

  1. It will save you time during the school year. If you have a dedicated spot for your child to study, equipped with everything she needs to do her work, you’ll spend less time looking for supplies around the house, or jockeying for space at the dining room table. Also, if your space is organized, you’ll have an easier time keeping track of items and assignments they may be missing.

  2. Your child will be more prepared for learning. A resourced child will be more prepared and will feel more confident to get his work done. If he has everything he needs, he will likely manage his tasks better.

  3. It will save you money. By using your time now, you’ll be more likely to find used quality furnishings like desks or work tables to set up your homeschool room. This also gives you the opportunity to save for items you might especially want to have for your child like a good office chair or a new laptop.

  4. It may help relieve stress. When a child has a dedicated work space, you may be able to keep closer tabs on their online time as opposed to allowing them to have their computer and access to the internet in their room.

If you want to create a homeschool space for your child, this is definitely the time to do so. If you have no idea where to start to make that happen, I can help you. Creating spaces full of function and style for students and adults of all ages is my specialty. What are the barriers and roadblocks to accomplishing this in your world this fall? What are some ways I can help you reach your finish line? Let’s work together to reduce your stress and to save you time and money.

My newsletter this week will have lots of tips, tricks and ideas to make your homeschool space more functional. Some of these ideas may even translate into your home office space as well. If you aren’t already receiving my newsletter, send your email address to and I’ll add you to the list in time for Thursday’s edition.

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